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The benefits of solar – It makes dollars and sense…

Solar is being installed all around Australia and we are proud to be helping Victorian’s make a difference to the planet by reducing their carbon footprint, slashing energy bills and helping build a smart energy future. The power is yours from the day you install.

9th Apr 2024
Gas connections to be banned from new homes in Victoria

The Victorian Government has announced a ban on new homes being connected to gas from 1st January 2024. 

9th Aug 2023
Most popular free upgrades & inclusions

Do you really know what your customers want in their new home?

8th Feb 2021
Avoiding a Service Call

If your home is fitted with a Rinnai Solar Hot Water system, you can avoid a service call by following these simple steps..

26th Nov 2020
How Do Heat Pumps Work?

How do Heat Pumps actually work?

21st Sep 2020
PV Rebate amount set to change January 2020

PV rebate amount will make its scheduled decrease from $2,225 to $1888 in 2020

26th Nov 2019

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