NCC Requirements

Powering the Future of Sustainable Living: Following the NCC Standards

Powering the Future of Sustainable Living: Following the NCC Standards

Six Star Plus is your trusted partner in creating energy efficient, all electric homes. We are committed to helping builders and homeowners meet the latest NCC requirements and beyond.

The new NCC requirements aim to enhance energy efficiency and sustainability in residential construction. Key elements include:

7-Star Energy Rating: Homes must achieve a minimum 7-star energy rating, ensuring superior thermal performance and energy efficiency.

All-Electric Homes: Transitioning away from gas to clean, renewable electricity for heating, cooling, and appliances.

Whole-of-Home Assessment: Evaluating the energy performance of the entire home, including hot water systems, lighting, and other energy-consuming fixtures.

From the 1st may, 2024, all new homes will be required to achieve 7-stars and a whole of home rating of no less than 60, under the NatHERS option. A higher star and whole of home rating means the building in more energy efficient. 



Lower Energy Bills: Improved energy efficiency means reduced energy consumption and lower utility costs.
Comfortable Living: Enhanced thermal performance ensures a more comfortable indoor environment year-round.
Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions: All-electric homes contribute to lower carbon footprints and a greener planet.
Increased Resilience to Temperature Conditions: Victoria experiences both cold and warm months throughout the year. A 7-Star home ensures a more comfortable temperature in extreme heat or cold compared to a 6-Star home.
Supporting Builders every step of the way.

Supporting Builders every step of the way.

What Six Star Plus Offers:

Expert Guidance – Our team of specialists will help you navigate the new regulations and ensure your projects are compliant and future-proof. 

Turnkey Solutions – From design to installation and maintenance, we offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific needs. 


We offer a range of high quality, energy efficient products to meet these standards such as: 

  • Solar PV 
  • Hot Water Heat Pumps 
  • Batteries 
  • EV Chargers 

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