PV Rebate amount set to change on 1 January 2020

With only two more rebate releases in 2019, Solar Victoria would like to remind customers that the Solar Homes PV rebate amount will make its scheduled decrease from $2,225 to $1888 in 2020. Be sure to submit applications by the 17 December 2019 release. Householders who commence a Solar PV application and secure a place before 31 December will receive a rebate of up to $2,225.  

At 12pm on 1 November 2019, Solar Victoria released 4,524 rebates, which were fully subscribed by 12.18pm on 7 November. The allocation was made up of the normal release of 3,250 and topped up with 1,274 rebates from previous allocations. At 9am on 18 November, Solar Victoria released 4,702 rebates, made up of the normal release of 3,250 and topped up with 1,452 rebates from previous allocations. The uptake of the current allocation is moving at a steady pace. 

Once customers have secured a rebate allocation, it’s very important to complete and submit the application within the 14-day timeframe to ensure that the application does not time-out.

See the Solar Victoria website for more details.

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