Origin Loop

Unlock your new battery’s potential with Origin Loop VPP

Unlock your new battery’s potential with Origin Loop VPP

Origin have partnered with Six Star Plus to give you greater value via access to join their virtual power plant, Origin Loop. Sign up today to receive a $400 sign-up bonus and $1/kWh^ for energy extracted from your battery and sent to the grid during Origin Loop events. Plus, they will still apply your standard feed-in tariff for energy drawn during other times.

Best of all, no lock in contracts.

What is Origin loop?

Think of the Loop virtual power plant (VPP) as a new, technology-centered energy grid. It uses its smarts to assess when energy is most needed. Then, it coordinates thousands of energy assets to work together like a mini power station to manage supply and demand. Your home solar battery is one of these assets, and is an important source of renewable energy that’s used to support the wider network.

Six Star Plus customers can access this great offer from Origin when joining Origin Loop, and signing up to any Origin electricity plan.



What you'll need to join Loop

What you’ll need to join Loop

A compatible battery inverter installed at your home

An operational solar system of at least 5kW capacity, that is compatible with your battery inverter

Continuous and reliable internet connection

An active Origin Energy electricity plan



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