Avoiding a Service Call

If your home is fitted with a Rinnai Solar Hot Water system, you can avoid a service call by following the simple steps in this trouble shooting guide!


  1. Ensure that power is turned on to the gas booster
  2. Ensure that power is switched on to the Solar Pump Kit
  3. Check that the gas is turned on at the appliance – lever should run parallel with the pipework
  4. PTR valve – It is normal that this valve will discharge a small quantity of water during its heating cycle – up to a bucket of hot water during the
    warmer months
  5. Fluctuating water temperature – please open tap fully to ensure there is sufficient water running through the gas booster to keep the burner alight
  6. No hot water – Check that other gas appliances in the house are working to cancel out a gas supply issue to the house
  7. No hot water – Check the external power point with another appliance to cancel out an electrical supply problem
  8. Solar Pump – the Solar Pump will run during the day when there is sufficient solar gain to be had or until the tank reaches max temperature.
    The pump will also run at night in the colder months as a form of frost protection to protect the Solar Collectors.
  9. Solar Collectors – If there is water leaking from the collectors on the roof then a service call will need to be arranged asap



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