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Your Trusted Partner for all Solar & Energy Solutions

Your Trusted Partner for all Solar & Energy Solutions

Six Star Plus, a business based in Melbourne, stands as a trusted leader in the solar industry, boasting over 15 years of experience. Specialising in premium solar and energy solutions, we cater to homeowners, builders, and commercial clients alike. Our comprehensive range of products includes solar PV, batteries, EV chargers, heat pumps, and heating and cooling solutions.

Partnering with top brands, we prioritise quality and efficiency in every installation. Our dedicated team provides personalised service, guiding clients through product selection, installation, and rebate management. Choose Six Star Plus for reliable expertise and a commitment to a sustainable future.


Trusted by Victoria’s biggest builders 


Builder partner for all things solar:  Heat Pumps, Solar Energy, Batteries, EV Chargers, Heating & Cooling 

Six Star plus is proud to be a part of the Clean Energy Council & NETCC

Six Star plus is proud to be a part of the Clean Energy Council & NETCC

We are an approved Seller by the NETCC. The New Energy Tech Consumer Code (NETCC) sets the standards to protect consumers when purchasing Solar systems and products.

The NETCC Approved Seller accreditation is a way for Six Star Plus to show their commitment and responsibility to the industry. Being an approved seller ensures our customers are purchasing from company they can trust.

We are an Accredited installer by the Clean Energy Council (CEC). This is a must have qualification for installing solar and storage systems. Being an accredited installer means we are certified and trained to install systems that meet Australian Industry Standards

We are an Accredited Designer by the Clean Energy Council (CEC). Being a accredited designer means our in house team are designing systems that are safe, reliable and meet the customers’ expectations and needs.

STC Management

STC Management

We specialise in STC Management! Our in house team handles all STC rebate management directly to save you the hassle or registering them. Allowing us to handle STC Management enable you to reduce costs and receive a upfront discount of STC’s improving cashflow.

Tailored Builder & Client Consults

We offer detailed consults with builders and clients to ensure we are meeting the customers needs and expectations of their Solar Systems. Consults involve going over the client’s energy requirements, planning and products used. The initial consults give builders and their clients peace of mind knowing they are understanding the system and the process.

Values/Mission Statement

We are committed to honesty, integrity, and transparency in all our dealings with employees, builders, customers, and partners. We strive to be a responsible and ethical company that is contributing to providing clean & renewable energy for clients. We support our clients in all aspects from product supply, installation, rebate management and post installation/handover care.

Integrity: At Six Star Plus, integrity means unwavering commitment to honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct across all facets of our operations, ensuring trust, reliability, and excellence in every interaction with our stakeholders.

Respect: Respect at Six Star Plus is demonstrated through valuing diverse perspectives, honoring individual contributions, and fostering a culture of dignity and inclusivity, where everyone is treated with fairness, empathy, and appreciation.

Responsibility: Responsibility at Six Star Plus entails conscientiously fulfilling obligations to our customers, employees, communities, and the environment, through sustainable practices, ethical decision-making, and proactive engagement to create a positive impact and uphold accountability in all our endeavors.



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