Carbon Neutral

Becoming a Carbon Neutral Company

Becoming a Carbon Neutral Company

At Six Star Plus we have recently taken action to lessen our impact on the environment and offset everything that we do. Six Star Plus head office is now officially certified carbon neutral.

We recently partnered with @carbonneatralau to measure, reduce and offset our carbon emissions across throughout our head office.

The process was complex and allowed us to take a deep dive into the carbon we emit in our everyday operations.

We have since taken initiatives to offset our carbon emission such as:

  • Our office is entirely powered by the 30kw of solar that we have on our roof!

  • Forms are entirely electronically sent and signed, as well as the encouraging of our staff to also go paperless, saves us in printing emissions each year.

  • We installed water-saving plumbing and energy-efficient appliances to manage our energy demand.


What we couldn’t reduce, we offset! Six Star Plus purchased and retired 121tonne of carbon offsets which meant that we were able to balance out the remaining emissions.

We purchased biodiverse reforestation carbon offsets which supports reforestation in south west Australia, helping to preserve Australian wildlife, contribute to climate action and restore delicate ecosystems. These carbon offsets also contribute to the CDM CER wind project in China.

At Six Star Plus, we’ve always had a focus on building a stronger future, and this is just the beginning. ⁠Each year, we will continue to reduce and monitor our carbon output and showcase climate leadership in the construction industry. What this means for you is that the administration emissions of your new solar & energy solution appliances have been offset, and you can rest assured that when working with Six Star Plus, you’re also working with the environment.

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