Changes to the Solar Battery Rebate from October 2021

Changes to the Solar Battery Rebate from October 2021

Due to increased demand, Solar Victoria have recently released an additional 300 rebates at $4,174 value. However, once these rebates are fully allocated – or until Friday 8 October 2021 (whichever comes first) – the battery rebate value will reduce to $3,500.

From Friday 8 October, Solar Victoria will make it easier for customers to install solar batteries by removing the requirement for homes to have an existing solar PV system to qualify for a battery rebate. This means customers can now access the battery rebate when they install a PV system and battery at the same time. Rebates are still limited to one Solar Victoria rebate per household.

Prior to the implementation of this new criteria, you will still be able to upload a quote for a solar battery installation. After Friday 8 October, you will also have the option of uploading a quote for a combined solar PV and battery installation. 

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